Up in the Sky: Baguio Trip Day One

(This was originally posted on my personal Tumblr blog. Rae and I went to Baguio last October 10-12, 2014.)

This trip is very special to me since this is the first ever vacation that I used my hard-earned money and it’s all really worth it. Our Baguio vacation was planned for almost 4 months and I am really grateful that me and Rae enjoyed our first ever out-of-town trip together.

Day 1: October 10, 2014 Our meeting time was actually 6:30 AM but Rae woke up late since he was tired from work but we luckily managed to make it on the 7:30 AM Baguio trip on Victory Liner Earnshaw. The fare was Php450 each on the regular bus with bus stops. The conductor was nice and the bus was comfy enough to get a good rest. Also, Rae realized that he forgot his jacket. Poor guy. Good thing he has a strong tolerance on low temps. Haha!

After 7 hours of pigging out, sight-seeing and sleeping, we arrived at Baguio at 2:30 PM. The air was really cold compared to our bus’ temperature. We took a cab and went to Holiday Park Hotel to check in. The place was indeed worth it for it’s price. We got a room for two for only Php1800/night. They have a clean room and a very soft bed. It is located near Burnham Park and the City Hall. The hotel employees were nice and very accommodating.

After checking in, we had our late lunch at Good Taste which is just a walking distance away from the hotel. We ordered a Family sized Beef Curry, Fried Rice good for 3 and a Carrot Cake.

Beef Curry! Carrot Cake~After our lunch, we strolled Burnham Park. Walking is fun in Baguio since the weather was cold and the view was very scenic. I can see flowers everywhere and we just can’t help taking their pictures. No wonder every one I know that went here always have an album uploaded on Facebook full of flowers. The locals there are good at spotting tourist. A guy approached and lead us to the lake to try boating. I was really excited. Me and Rae had fun circling around the lake and bumping other boats while listening to dubstep. We went to the rose garden and saw lots of amazing roses with different colors and sizes.

The sun was already setting that time but still the place remained gorgeous because the fountain lights started to open and fill the night. Rae found a tandem bike (the ones used in romantic korean dramas haha!) and rented it for Php50.00. It was my first time to ride those. At first, it was really scary but we got used to it.

FountainRae riding our tandem bike

We played until 8:00PM and had our dinner in Shakey’s Baguio afterwards since we’re not really hungry and Rae thinks that the pizza here are different from those in Manila. Haha! Kidding. He really just love Shakey’s. We ordered 6” Hi Protein Pizza Supreme.


We took the pizza in the hotel. Watched X-men: Days of Future Past that was currently on TV. Fixed our things. Took a hot bath. Pigged out on our hotel room while watching The Simpsons.The temperature in our room was still very low even though the air-conditioner was turned off. Good thing they have 2 sets of comforters and I wrapped it all over me while Rae was being cool not using any blanket despite of wearing such thin clothes.

End of Day One.


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