Up in the Sky: Baguio Trip Day Three

Day 3: October 12, 2014
I woke up early on the last day thinking that this will be our last day on the CIty of Pines. This time, I slept soundly because I was too exhausted walking at buying things last night. Rae was woken up by the music I played on his phone on max while I was jumping and dancing on the bed. He’s Irritated. I know he wants to throw the pillows at me, tie me up and hide me the closet, but he was too sleepy and weak to do that. Haha!

We fixed our things and headed to Baguio Cathedral for their English Mass. The church was filled with residents and visitors. The language they used was English but some of the songs were on Ilokano. Despite that, I still tried to follow the lyrics on the screen.

After the mass, we had our breakfast at Visco’s, located at the Session Road. I had Baked Rice with Brewed Coffee and Rae ordered Fish Tocino and Pineapple Juice. Baked Rice was delicious. It has mushrooms, mozarella cheese and I do not know but it was creamy, too creamy for me, but Rae loved it and I wasn’t too hungry so I gave him half.

For the last time, we strolled the Session Road to Burnham and went back to our hotel room to fixed our things and to check out. It was knowing that we’ll be leaving so I made sure that this day will be worth it. So after checking out, we went Baguio Mines View to see the famous St. Bernard and try Ifugao Costumes. I thought that the dog was only one, but they have two! Oh, I love St. Bernards. They always look so lazy and tired that you just want to cuddle with them on the couch while watching TV. I want to take them home! Hoho!

The Ifugao costumes were rented for only Php20. It was very cheap and it will go to the senior citizens of Benguet (I think). The costume was beautiful. We took a lot of pictures wearing it.

From our intense photo ops at Mines View, we walked to find Good Shepherd: Mountain Maid Training Center to buy their famous jams. One blog I read said that the saleslady there were rude, but the Ate that assisted us was always smiling and very cheerful. And the jams: THE BEST. I advice you guys to buy directly their products at Good Shepherd itself because it’s cheaper and fresh. We bought one jam at La Trinidad and it’s Php200+ and in Good Shepherd, it’s only Php160.00.

We had our lunch at Ketchup Food Community in Canto near Wright Park. They said that their best seller was the Pork BBQ Lomo Ribs with Mashed Potato and Salad. That time, the place was packed with people and we were seated on the corner of the place. While waiting, Rae and I was browsing Instagram and I noticed that it has been 40 minutes since we ordered. I asked for two follow-ups since I saw the other tables were already served. I was very annoyed because we are totally behind our schedule. After many minutes of complaining. They serve us our food but didn’t gave us extra plates and water. That place had a very bad service and the Lomo RIbs was not that delicious compared to Little John’s. I wanted to talk to their manager but I didn’t want to ruin my day so we finished our food and continued with our plans. (I am still annoyed while writing this post. Haha!)

We went to Wright Park and took pictures with the headless wooden statues and the horse carriage. We climbed the steep stairs and again, wore and Ifugao costume with but flowers this time. Rae took my pictures while I am goofing around.

On the other side of the road, there was The Mansion. Every Baguio tourist must take a picture at that spot, so we did. Haha!

We also went to Penabenga Park. There was a Butterfly Sanctuary there, but with no butterflies. So we just explored the place, played around and took pictures.

After all of those, we needed to go back home. So we took a cab to get our bags and go to Victory Liner. It was raining so hard that time. We took the 7:00PM trip to Cubao and we watched Gotham while waiting. We were enjoying Baguio’s weather for the last time when the bus arrived. We said farewells to the place like a little child saying goodbye to his favorite cartoon.

I didn’t slept immediately because I was curious on what does the city at the mountain look like at night and I wasn’t disappointed. The city lights looked liked stars floating at the night. Sadly, my camera cannot take a picture of the view but I still have it on my memories.

Rae and I were cuddling on the bus and then he realized, that we’re really adults now. Traveling on our own and spending our hard-earned money. I promised him that we’ll have a lot more of adventures to come. We smiled and went back to sleep again.

PS: The taxi drivers in Baguio were the best and the kindest. Hindi rin mabilis ang metro nila. Nakakapanibago lang nung pagbalik namin ng Manila, ang bilis ng metro nila. Huhuhu.


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