Up in the Sky: Baguio Trip Day Two

Day 2: October 11, 2014
I didn’t slept well last night because I wasn’t used to the place. Namamahay kasi ako everytime I sleep on a place for the first time. So I woke up at 7:00 AM and prepared for later.

50's DInerProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We had our breakfast at 50’s Diner. I had Baconomellete with Vanilla Shake and Rae got Corned Beef Hash with Mango Shake. The place was full of vintage movie posters, pictures of old hollywood stars and a jukebox that gave the 50’s feel. Also, the sailor uniform that the waitresses were wearing were very cute.

We decided to take a peak at the The Haunted White House that’s just a 5-minute walk away from the resto. It gave me an eerie feeling that someone is staring at me from the windows. Too bad the placed was closed that time. So we took a cab to La Trinidad to see the famous farm.

The strawberry ice cream that we bought was the better than FIC here in La Trinidad. They were boasting that was the ice cream Daniel Padilla had just the day before our trip there. Also, we had our first ever strawberry taho with honey there. The vendors were really aggressive on selling Sagada oranges, Pistachios, Fresh Honey and Vegetables. But since I wanted them to stop, we just bought them all. Haha! It was still worth it.

Strawberries Strawberry Taho Strawberry Ice CreamWe explored the farm and we weren’t lucky enough to see strawberries and sunflowers since it’s still not on its season. But they still have vegetables like lettuce. So green! 🙂 Before going back to the hotel, we bought souvenirs and pasalubongs at the shops outside the farm. They have wines, fresh fruits, shirts, hats and a lot more. We bought too much so we needed head back to our place to leave the items there and take a short afternoon rest.

La Trinidad Farm Hi Farmers!We had our lunch at Little John’s at Camp John Hay and we both ordered their best seller, the Baby Back Ribs and added a Chocolate Fondue. The restaurant had a very nice atmosphere and a grand view of the pine trees outside. Some butterflies also managed to get inside the place. Little John’s was my personal favorite in all the places that Rae and I ate.

Beautiful ambience at Little John's

Strawberry and Marshmallow with Chocolate Fondue at Little John's

First on our list in Camp John Hay is Horse Back Riding. This was my first time riding a horse so I was really excited. I also rode it by myself. Too bad it started to rain when were on the *horse tracks?* so we decided to go back to find a place to stay since we forgot to bring our umbrellas. (Lesson Learned: Always bring your umbrellas everywhere)


Hi Horsie!

We waited until the rained stopped but it didn’t. Luckily, we met my highschool buddy Jacq, and shared umbrellas to get to the Bell House. Sadly, the place was closed and so we went to Starbucks Baguio to have a hot chocolate since it was freezing cold that time. The barista misspelled Rae’s name to ‘Grey’. Maybe she just finished reading FSOG. Hahaha! We catched up and shared stories. Rae and Jacq were getting along that time because they had common interest: Marvel. 🙂

Hot Chocolate for Mrs. and Mr. Grey

We had our dinner at Pizza Volante where Jacq loves to hang out. We got Tuna Onion Pizza, Chicken Rice Soup with Garlic Bread and Pesto on Pasta.

DinnerBaguio has a lot of people even at night. Jacq gave us a tour to the Session Road to SM Baguio. We went to a pet shop and watched for the huskies play to kill time while waiting for the Ukay-Ukay downtown. So after the mall closed, we went back to see the night market. It was my first time buying clothes on an Ukay-Ukay and there were a lot of good finds for cheap prices. You just really need to look hard to find beautiful pieces. I bought two skirts, a cardigan, a polo shirt and a top for only Php500.00. Too bad I can’t find a baseball shirt there that I am dying to have. (No pictures since it was too crowded and someone might snatch my camera so I didn’t risk it)

Jacq went home and Rae and I decided to have a late night landian at Burnham Park since we saw a lot of couples do that. We talked and joked about things and he was telling me that he want to go back to Baguio and bring his leather jacket and scarf. He was still frustrated on forgetting to bring the most important thing to bring in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Burnham at Night

End of Day Two.


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