Baguio City: Itinerary, Tips and Tricks

As a travel beginner, it took me weeks to plan out my itinerary to Baguio. Planning was quite changeling yet a fun thing to do, especially when you do not have any idea on what the place looks like since it was my first time in Baguio. I searched a lot of blogs and read a lot. So for those who are planning their trip to Baguio, below is my sample itinerary:

Day 01
07:30am – Travel to Baguio via Victory Liner Earnshaw
02:00pm – Arrival at Victory Liner Baguio
02:30pm – Check-in at Holiday Park Hotel
03:00pm – Late Lunch/Merienda at Good Taste
04:00pm – Burnham Park
08:00pm – Dinner at Shakey’s Baguio

Day 02
07:00am – Breakfast at 50’s Diner
08:00am – Laperal White House
08:30am – La Trinidad Farm + Buying of Pasalubongs
11:00am – Travel to Camp John Hay
12:00nn – Lunch at Little John’s
01:00pm – Horseback Riding
02:00pm – Explore other stuffs at Camp John Hay (which we haven’t got a chance because it rained)
07:00pm – Dinner at Pizza Volante
08:00pm – Exploring Session Road
09:00pm – Baguio Night Market at Harrison Road

Day 03
08:00am – Mass at Baguio Catheral (see mass schedule here)
09:00am – Breakfast at Visco’s
10:00am – Ready for check out.
10:30am – Check out at Holiday Park Hotel (You can still leave your bags on the lobby)
11:00am – MInes View Park
12:30pm – Good Shepherd
01:30pm – Late lunch at Canto’s
02:30pm – Wright Park
03:30pm – The Mansion
04:00pm – Travel back to hotel to get our bags
05:00pm – Departure to Baguio
01:00am – Arrival in Victory Liner, Cubao

1. Do not forget to bring your jackets and caps in Baguio because it’s freaking cold out there.
2. Always bring your umbrellas especially in the afternoon.
3. Buy your tickets and do your reservations in advance to avoid delays especially when your going to travel on weekends or holidays.
4. Do not miss the Baguio Night Market! But always be sure to keeps your important things secure.
5. Always have your offline map and mark the places that you need to visit.
6. The vendors at La Trinidad are persuasive. It was never in my plan to buy anything at the farm, but due to their convincing powers, I bought fresh honey, three sagada oranges, pistachios at strawberry taho.
7. You can chose to travel earlier since the travel time to Baguio takes more than 6 hours (You can see the travel schedule for Victory Liner here)


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