November – Life Lately

Hello my blog! I’m still here. I haven’t posted lately for reasons, but I’ll be back. I am currently working on it. For now, here’s what happened for the last few months:
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Rae & Aye: Four Years

From being my Insignificant-college-block-mate-but-I-picked-him-as-my-Ola-Bayle-dance partner to my everything. ❤

No words could describe how much lucky I am to have you. We might experience lots of misunderstandings lately, but I thank you for being patient and understanding. I appreciate everything that you have done for us. I love you more and more every single day.

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Hello WordPress.

I am starting a new blog here in WordPress. I predict that I will be posting about my pet cats and dogs, how I ruin my diet, traveling and misadventures. I also hired my personal proofreader (Hi Rae!) to check my spelling and grammar since most of the time I tend to be excited on posting stuffs without checking it first.

So yeah, hello guys.