November – Life Lately

Hello my blog! I’m still here. I haven’t posted lately for reasons, but I’ll be back. I am currently working on it. For now, here’s what happened for the last few months:

  • I just got back from Coron, Palawan. I am very excited to blog about our experience about the place. I survived Siete Pecados, twice!
  • I am planning to change my blog name to “Adventures of the Black Cat” due to my dark skin. *kidding*
  • I am having my first real trekking experience and first time joining other travelers from DIY Travel PH tomorrow. I am very excited and scared at the same time.
  • I still have numerous of drafts ready to publish in my blog, but I am currently having a problem importing my photos from my GoPro Hero 4 Silver to my 6-year-old laptop and that’s what’s causing the delay on my posts.
  • And you’re asking? “Why not use your phone to edit and upload your photos?” Well, I can’t. I don’t know why, but my gadgets doesn’t like cooperating with me.
  • I successfully opened an account in COL Financial. I am now investing! Yey for adulthood!
  • Rae’s birthday is around the corner and also Click Play Fest. I am so excited for November!

How about you? How’s your life lately? 🙂

6 thoughts on “November – Life Lately

    • ayelouise says:

      I hope you do. It’s such a beautiful place. Siete Pecados is one of the most visited place in Coron. It’s composed of 7 islets and it’s a very awesome snorkeling spot… but there are too many sea urchins in that area. So if your coming there… be extra careful. It’s scary.. but worth it!


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